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Nursing a chair fetish

Notice how the top of this building kinda looks like a row of nurses caps? It's a nurses' residence. Conveniently located near Queen's University and Kingston General Hospital.

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Chair, one, empty, upturned, discarded.

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The morning greeted our town with freezing rain and wet snow that carried on just past noon. The roads weren't too awful except for one that is always a mess after snow. That particular county hasn't surprised me yet with a bare and wet road ten hours after what is usually minor snowfall or freezing drizzle.


  1. I live in Tennessee and work in North Carolina -- when it snows you can tell exactly where the state line is (the TN side is clear).

    In neither place is it as easy to tell where the nurses live as in Kingston, however.

  2. I have driven routes that take me through a half dozen counties, Intell, and they all have their own road philosophies :-)

    The residence is for nursing students, I should have made that point in my post :-O

  3. Anonymous11:40 p.m.

    You know, I'd sit and stay a spell but well, I get the hint!

    The building reminds me of an industrial granary.

  4. Did you end up returning for a chair from the Toucan? You seem to have chairs on the brain ATM!

  5. eek cool shot
    haven't made it to the post office (what to say is slowing me down)

  6. That's a hell of a lot of nurses. We have skyscrapers here smaller than that.

    Guess we got your freezing drizzle here today. Big mess...especially since we had a day last week which hit 82. March is a hateful month.

    It seems the chairs aren't sitting well with some of your readers...not yours truly, mind you.

  7. Awesome subject, Doug.

    Per usual, you make the ordinary extraordinary. :)

  8. Aw, don't let my empty chair fetish chase you away, S :-)
    It does look a bit factory-like, eh?

    No, I have too much crap here already, Lerm. Chairs are a minor specialty/fetish of mine :-)

    Thanks, F-B. No worries.

    I used to know a hell of a lot of nurses, jj.
    Our temps are going back down Thursday, and then hopefully we'll see a warming trend.
    I like chairs ;-) Thanks.

    Thank you, D! I'm funny that way. Actually, I'm funny in a lot of ways :-)

  9. Anonymous9:11 a.m.

    Nice photos, but holy hell is that building an eye sore.

  10. The designer likely thought he was being clever, Brian :-)


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