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I don't feel weak at all.

Everything came together this morning for my lab work. I completed part three of what I had to doo-doo do, and when I got to the lab I took a number and waited to be called. A tech took my sample to check it and see if it was done correctly, and I heard her down the hallway say, "Well done, Doug!" I was so proud... I handed over my paperwork and once I was put into the system, a tech took me down the hall to take my blood. I was having a lot of testing, so I gave up four tubes. I'm glad I have good veins, and I barely felt the needle.

After that, I was ready to break my fast with breakfast, so I stopped at Tim's for a breakfast sandwich, donut and coffee. Didn't get anything on my Roll Up the Rim to Win, the bastards.

I stopped at home, grabbed my camera and went downtown for a bit, and now here I are, having another coffee and some toast. Gosh, I missed having toast before I went to the lab.

Completely unrelated photo, taken Feb 15. Gamma was reduced and photo converted to sepia.

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  1. I am always so sentimental about war memorials and such. I think I got that from Dale and his grandpa.
    Glad your tests are almost finished! Good on you for doing them. I don't know many men your age who are looking after themselves this way. I hope that Bill does.

  2. Oh, I love this photo!! A picture really is worth a thousand words.

    Once the Docs are done, I wonder if you will miss being poked and prodded. They sure are doing the full works on ya!

    Mmm.... toast....

  3. There were a lot of veterans in my family, Kate. I like to shoot memorials once in a while.

    I'm waiting for the results now, and I have a prostate exam scheduled for May. Hopefully everything is good, it has been a very long time since I went to a doctor.

    Thanks, M!
    It hasn't really been too bad. What's left to do right now is no big deal. I needed my 100,000 mile checkup, I guess :-)

  4. I love the sepia touch in this, Doug.

    For some reason, SmugMug isn't giving me sepia anymore. Have to figure out how to do it myself, I guess.

  5. It's a very good shot Doug. And I am glad your tests are about finished, too. Keep us posted on the results.
    {{hugs}} Gina

  6. Thanks, D. Sepia is really easy if you have IrfanView, you just convert :-) It can also be done by converting to B&W and adding color in the right amounts.

    Thanks, Gina. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. When my kids were being potty trained I used to give them a nice hand clap when they went doo doo. So a round of applause for you! I'm glad you went to the doc, but I'm surprised you are in for your 100,000 mile check up. I'm only on 50,000. Have you lied to me about your age? xo

  8. All city miles, babe. Harder on the body.

  9. Nice shot - I like memorials too. Good work with the blood - I hate giving it

  10. Thanks, Lerm. Blood from my arm doesn't bother me at all ;-)

  11. I hate needles! Kudos to you for willingly going to the doc. :D

  12. It had been too long, SM. I have to start looking after myself. Thanks!

  13. Good for make this check-up thing a regular occurance every few years...not 10 or more!
    Sorry to nag, it's just that my husband was terrible about check-ups and doctors and now he's in terrible shape that could have been avoided...and our lives could be so much better...but I am complaining and being a typical wife.
    Hope all is well with you!!!

  14. MJ, I promise I will make regular appointments, and call in if I have any issues :-)

  15. I love this photo, memorials always make me wonder the story behind them. Hope all the tests come back ok DOug.

  16. Thanks, Sue. Me too.

  17. Anonymous6:04 a.m.

    good to hear it all wnt well
    I am lost in my little world at the moment fb

  18. Let me know if you need a map, F-B.


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