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I got a bad case of haven't-been-to-the-doctor-in-many-years-and-my-last-one-shredded-all-my-records blues. Yeah, something like that.

Anyway, I had my first appointment with my new doc this morning, started a basic history, and he gave me paperwork for a shitload of bloodwork. Speaking of shit, I have to drop off a stool sample, too. Next up is a prostate exam, and I'm hoping that a prescription for a smoking cessation aid will get me off cigs without making me want to maim someone or lie under a bus :-)

More shit: imageshack is refusing to show me my page or show me the last photo I uploaded, so there will be a short lull in photoposting. I'm off for a nice long walk uptown to get a gov't ID replaced, and go to the bank, and then drop in on Tyler.

Y'all have a nice day, eh?


  1. Anonymous12:35 p.m.

    Certainly not envious!

  2. I hope you are ok? Health wise. Jesus d. Speaking of shit...I went to the dump yesterday to drop off the garabge....(since making Jamie leave i have no concept of garbage days)HOLY COW!!!! You should have seen the size of the Size of *hugs*

    Oh I am back to blogging...i miss ya all to F*&%ing much to stay away!!!!

  3. Ahh the glorious prostate exam. I have stayed in the exam room to watch Hubby get his. I laughed. A lot. He didn't tho... lol

  4. maybe you should try photobucket as a backup?

    good luck on all those (horrible) exams....

  5. I'm not especially bothered by it, Bobby.

    No big deal, S :-)

    I just haven't been to a doctor in many years, T, and I ain't getting any younger :-)
    I'm glad you are going to blog again *hugs*

    Laughing is only appropriate if the doc was using Hello Kitty gloves or something, ST :D

    I have a photobucket account, Dorrie, but I have 4500 pics at imageshack.

    The exams are bloodwork and a finger up the butt, Dorrie. Easy peasy :-)

  6. Good luck quitting! Are you trying Chantix?

  7. Yeah, I'll give that a go, Kate. I'm going to be on the lookout for nasty side effects. Thanks!

  8. I'm glad you went to the doc. I want you around for a long time, Babe! ox

  9. I'm glad, too, babe. I want to be around a long time with you. XOXO

  10. Chantix is freakin awesome!!! Before you know it you won't be smoking. Seriously, one day you will just realize that you stopped. Just watch out for depression. Chantix has been linked to suicides and deep depression. Don't take it at least 4 hours before bed or you won't be able to sleep and/or get restless leg. Both suck ass! Good luck!!! I have done Chantix, and it really is the best out there.

    I really dispise Docs, I hope the new one is great!!


  11. Thanks for the heads up, M. I'm going to have people I know keep an eye on things I say or do. I don't mind being strange, but weird is just too much, yanno?
    :-) & hugs


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