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Finally some temps above the freezing mark again, and hopefully it's a trend from here on out. Today was the typical Thursday i.e. my Monday. A bit frantic and longish, but now things are calmer until next Thursday.

I start taking Champix tomorrow, and I have picked my quit date to be Mar 17 (or earlier). Y'all keep an eye on my posts and comments, OK? If I don't seem right, let me know in a comment. I have never taken anything but OTC painkillers in the last 15 years, and only when my knee flared up. Using a drug like Varenicline is completely new to me.


  1. Didn't know you had a bad knee. Sorry to hear that. Hope this drug treats you well! I'll let you know if you go any farther over the edge...than you already are naturally! *hee-hee*

  2. Very cool pic....I expected to see Sarah Conners somewhere! Dr's are the worst....hate going in. Best of luck with the medication

  3. Anonymous11:10 p.m.

    Oh, let us know about the dreams! I hear they can be pretty odd.

  4. Seriously, Doug. Do your sons know that Champix can futz with your emotions? Make sure you keep in touch with someone who will be able to tell if things aren't right.

  5. MJ, it's an old injury that would likely give me no trouble at all if I exercised it, but I don't and then once in a while it gets inflamed. Me? Over the edge...?

    Thanks, Kash. I don't have a problem with doctors, in fact my new one gave me a very good first impression.

    I've heard that, too, S. Wish I could record them :-)

    Mary, Chris lives far away, and I don't think Tyler would say anything to me. I will be seeing many people on a weekly basis, so if there is a problem, hopefully someone will have the nerve to tell me.

  6. My ex-husband took that once. He wanted to quit and his doctor gave him this. He lasted just a few weeks on it. He was very moody and irritable on it -- more than if he had just quit cold turkey. He's smoking again.

    Have you tried quitting cold turkey? It is the way that I stopped after I smoked for 20 years. The first three weeks were tough, but after that, it became easier with each passing day.

    I can relate with you not wanting to take any medications. I can't stand taking medicine for fear of them screwing with my head. I hate losing control. I'm a control freak.. lol

    Good luck!

  7. I have tried cold turkey and I just don't have the will to do it, ST. I'll give this a shot and if it doesn't work, I'll try something else. I might not have any reactions to it all, or none that are mood inducing. I'm omly a little bit scared :-)

  8. Hey, I spend more time with you than anyone here. If you go crazy, I'll let you know. Everyone that quits smoking has some crazy moments. You won't have the desire to smoke with Chantix, but you'll need to deal with the habit. You know, find other things to suck on. ;)

  9. Crap! Forgot to comment on the photo. You know I love this one. It's very uplifting!

  10. I'm counting on you keeping an eye on me, babe. I know you'll let me know if I get weird(er) or strange(r) :-) You'll have to give me examples of what to suck on...

    PS, thank you :-)


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