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Tag. I'm it.

I don't have a night stand per se but I was tagged by B-e, so here's my sleepy time corner.

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From the top, left to right:
A wooden drawing figure, a beer can holder with tits, glass and plexiglass squares because I'm strange, supporting a 5"x5" print from JenV, and a broken Ott lamp.

Top shelf:
Glass insulator and an 80s vintage Sanyo AM/FM radio-cassette deck.

Middle shelf:
Three movies on CD (crappy .mov files) and another 80s piece, a Timex quartz clock. If I avoid using the light, it will run about five years on a C cell.

Bottom shelf:
A few Heavy Metal magazines on top of two black steel storage boxes.

In the corner is a stack of unread Heavy Metal magazines. One of these days I'll get around to reading them.

I'm not going to tag anyone, I had intended to do this anyway. Getting a poke from Breath-e just made me get off my butt and take a photo. Interesting photos to follow tomorrow :-)


  1. You had me at 'beer can holder with tits'!

  2. It was the quickest way to describe it, Lerm :-)

  3. TA DA! I thought I'd never see it. Oh, you give me hope again. Beer can with tits, nominated as best item on there.

    thank you, Doug!

  4. B-e, I forgot to mention, my bed is on the floor, too. I didn't want a box spring and a frame, and I haven't made a platform yet :-)

    I should have called it a can with cans, eh?

  5. I'm not going to ask what the mannequin is doing to the other figure. OK, go ahead and tell me.

  6. Golly, I never thought about posing the drawing figure with the beer can girl, jj. Now I have somethng to entertain me for a bit...

  7. I like that wooden figure. Reminds me of the back pain poster boy for Robaxicet!

  8. I think that's where the inspiration came from, Kate, but he actually has facial features :-)


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