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Real cannon, real thing

Hockey goal announcement device from the 1880s.
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Seen in a "Gentleman's Quarters" i.e. barber shop.
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Tyler and I are skipping the Toucan tonight and going to see the Oldtimers Hockey Challenge. Some retired NHL players take on some cops. It's a good time, but it isn't usually held on a Saturday, darn it. I guess the Toucan will still be there next week, and I haven't missed many Saturdays in three years.


  1. Anonymous9:38 p.m.

    Hope you have a grand evening!

  2. I had a great time, S. Thank you!

  3. I am jelous! I love Hockey, and Canada has the BEST players!!!!

  4. well I hope you and Tyler have a great time

  5. I'm digging the old Coke machine. There was one or two like it in the town in NC where I grew up.

    Those cannons look so shiny and polite. The only cannons I've seen in person are a bunch of Confederate cannons in Charleston, SC, and they're not on wheels and they're stubbier.

  6. The Russians are pretty good, too, M :-)

    We had a really good time, F-B.

  7. I liked the Coke machine, myself, Mary. Memories of a cold bottle of Coke...

    The cannon might be polite, but the sound it makes is rather rude :D

  8. I hope you and Tyler are having a blast!
    I guess you two are going out for a pint or two afterwards?


  9. Coke..the choice of a new generation. What generation are we? Love the pics. Wish I was there! xo

  10. Elin, we had a good time, but we went home afterward. No beer till next week :-)

    Barb, I hope we don't get pegged with a name for our generation :-) Thank you, and I wish you were here, too!


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