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Good bye, Mike...

You don't know him. I didn't really know him, nor did the others who read his blog, or the people on whose blogs he commented on. I think we all had a feel of what he was about, and some of us perhaps understood that he was unhappy most of the time, and hopeful some of the time. Unhappiness won out today at 12:18 pm.

What do you say to someone when they are depressed, besides words of encouragement, support and possibly humor?

What do you say when you find your own name in a final, good bye journal entry, knowing that it is likely too late?

What do you say, and to whom, besides yourself, when it turns out to really be too late, that he was successful in the one thing he knew he could control?

I have so many questions, feelings, thoughts, and I will have to ponder them for some time to come. There is no one to say them to...


  1. That is so sad. :-( I don't know who Mike is, but I do know that is a very dark, sad place to be.

    Big hugs!!!

  2. One always wishes to have done more, M, and I'm no different.
    Thanks for the hugs.

  3. That is really awful. I read his blog and was flabbergasted. I didn't know him at all but how incredibly sad that he felt he had no alternative. **Hugs** to you Doug. I have no idea what you must be feeling. Such a tragedy..

  4. It is a new experience for me, and I don't even know how I'm supposed to feel, GE. Thanks.

  5. No idea who Mike is and maybe I never read his blog, but I am so sorry to hear that. Sometimes all we can offer are words of support and comfort. Trust me, they mean the world to me when I am blue. I am sure at some point, your words would have touched him and made him get through that moment, that day. I am so sorry.

  6. Thanks, Tam. If only words were all it took.

  7. Doug---I became aware of Mike (didn't know his real name) just since JournalSpace kaputed. I first ran into him on intelliwench's blog. The couple of times I read his blog, I just didn't know how to comment. All of the things that ran through my head seemed so inane, compared to the pain he seemed to be having. Then I went over there last Sunday and even knowing he had depression problems, I was stunned by his friend's message. And then reading his last blog words...well.

    I don't know what could have been said by anyone. I have know two people who just couldn't cope any longer. I have never figured out what, or how I could have helped them. Sometimes you just can't.

  8. that wasnt mike warnock was it?

  9. We will eventually meet him on the other side. For whatever reason it was his time. I don't understand but eventually will...


  10. Just stopping by to give you another hug. Hope you are hangin' in there.. Love to you.

  11. I understand that, jj. It doesn't make me feel less puzzled or sad, but I know there is nothing I could have done.

    AK, no, it wasn't him.

    Perhaps the understanding is on the other side, Bobby, thank you.

    I have been talking with Barb on the phone, and she has helped me with it, GE.
    Thanks for the extra hug.

  12. Honey, I've been through this before. It's hard to understand. I've been thinking too much about past experiences and how I could have helped. Mike suffered from mental illness and as much as you wanted to help him, you couldn't. There are people in the world that we can't save. As much as you care about them and love them, you can't do a thing. The one thing that Mike can teach us all is to reach out to others and be their friend. Help them through the rough times and let them know you care. You did all of those things. xo

  13. I am coming to grips with it, babe, I just never had something like this hit close to home. I have heard the reasons why it happens, and the reasons why we cant help. Thank you for helping me understand, for being there, and for being you.

  14. It's a horrible thing. The unfortunate thing about depression is that they feel they're a hopeless cause as it is. People who DO suicide generally have made the decision way out from actually doing it so there's not much YOU could have done as someone who didn't know him.

    Anyone who's in that position need to allow others to help before they can be helped.

    My sympathies to the friends and family he left to put their lives back together.

  15. I'm sure this is heavy on your heart now, but know that being there and reaching out to him was a gift that he surely treasured. I hope that he has found peace.
    and I hope that your heart will also find peace.

  16. as I mentioned in my comments in his blog, I only knew him through my JS forum. Now I wish I had known him more.

    I have experienced the same thing before, with people I knew in real life. It makes your heart twist up in a knot. And though I didn't know Mike in real life, I have that same feeling. {hugs}

  17. I don't think I know this person but am very sorry to hear it. How sad. Take good care.

  18. Moko, I wish I knew who his friends and family were so I could pass that along. Thanks.

    Thank you, MJ. I did what I could, I hope.

    Thanks for the hugs, Dorrie. I'm dealing with it a bit better today.

    I will, Joan, thank you.


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