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Years and years ago, this used to be Bennett's Foods. Thursdays were paydays for my dad, and he would drive home from Kingston to our little house in Hartington, and drive back to town so my mom could do the grocery shopping. She did the bulk of her food shopping in this store.

For a while in the late 70s and early 80s, the three of us drivers would stop here first before driving our routes. There was a snack bar at one end, and we would join a couple of guys from the beer store and other assorted time wasters for a coffee. This store was one of my deliveries for a long time, even after it was bought out by Loblaws and became a No Frills.

Eventually the store changed hands a few times and no longer carried mags. The last owner built a big, new store, but it is over two miles away, and I no longer have a grocery store within a twelve minute walk, except for the most expensive A&P in North America (now owned by Metro, but just as expensive).

I never realized that I had so many connections to this store...


  1. That store looks like it has been beat real bad!

  2. It's down for the count Lerm. It is an ex-store now :-)

  3. Something like that usually turns into a Liquidation World.

  4. There may be a free shuttle bus to take people to the other store, but the locals are upset about losing their store, Kate. It was in operation for about 50 years.

  5. Ya know, this is one of my fav post by you. It has inspired me!!!

    I have to go out of town this evening for a bit. I plan to take my camera. *hopefully it wont be to dark*

    Ok...also, letting ya know. :) Posted.. lol.

  6. Thanks, SS_S. A lot of my posts are drive by shootings, but this one was planned.

    Always take your camera. Better to drag it back empty than miss a good shot, eh?

    I'll be right over :-)


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