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We can break the Police!

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Maybe, but we can't break the weather. My fingers and toes went through a number of freeze/thaw cycles today. If not for sunshine, my truck would have had almost no heat at all. The morning temp here was -25°C/-13°F. After ten hours going from almost being warm to almost being frozen, I then walked a mile home, but the temp had warmed up to -18°C/0°F by then :-)


  1. Jeez. That's gruesome. I froze my ass off today here on the Plains, and we got up to 8F. We're joining you guys tomorrow though...the high somewhere in the minuses. What made the day so bad today was the fucking wind was gusting at 45 mph. Makes you want to cry.

    How cold was it? "It was so cold, we had to heat our words in a frying pan just to see what we were saying." vada boom!

  2. It was so cold here, when I fell out of bed, I broke my pajamas...

  3. Coulda been worse...think about it.

  4. um ... i guess i'm not going to get much sympathy around here for complaining that it's only getting up in the 20s fahrenheit here tomorrow?

    oddly enough, maury has complained about the cold more than i have, and he spent several winters in wisconsin!

  5. He has already climatized for the location :-) I used to have neighbors from Georgia, and she handled the weather, but her hubby hated our winter.

  6. Oh my, I don't think I'd survive in weather that cold! I did live through a huge blizzard in NYC and loved it but I guess the Tx weather is better for me. It's cold here (about 35 I think) but not that cold!

  7. I could use some 35 degree weather right about now, Betty.

  8. The danish winter is just wet, wet, wet . . .

    And mist and fog and rain, rain rain . ..

    But in March spring will be here ;-)
    I can't wait!

  9. Well it's about 40F outside..and raining.
    Much better than -30F for 3-4 weeks..

  10. Anonymous9:41 a.m.

    I like the foto, Doug, but the weather...I simply cannot imagine weather like that.

  11. It was 21 here last night; going to 12 tonight. Hasn't been this cold in Memphis in 5 years, according to the weatherman.

  12. Yikes! It's been quite warm here this week, thank god. I was sick of the -35°C crap.
    Still, to work outside when it's like that, I feel for ya!

  13. So, what is spring like in Denmark, Elin. Our spring is always rainy :-)

    I could handle that, AK.

    Never been on a snowmobile, or skis, or a toboggan, M? Tsk.

    Bundle up, Benita :-)

    I'm glad it was you that had the REALLY cold weather, and not us, Kate.


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