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More cold weather tomorrow, but I'm on the move a lot more, so it won't be as bad, and I can likely keep the truck running more often. We have an anti-idling bylaw here, but if a cop bothers me, I'll be watching to see if he shuts down his car while he writes the ticket :-)


  1. Tree may not have seemed interesting but the silouhette is pretty cool.

    Driving issues in cold weather is something I rarely think about. Only on the occasional icy day. Hard for someone down this way to imagine not being able to travel in winter.

  2. Our anti-idling law just went in about three weeks ago. I still do it if it's minus forty :)

  3. I specifically left the tree out of the shot, Nan. Cold weather driving is just one of the facts of life here :-)

    Kate, let em eat CO

  4. Cops are the same the world over! Sometimes they need better shit to do!

  5. Our low this morning is supposed to be 4 Fahrenheit. That's probably cold even to you Canadians! If there is an anti-idling law here, it would be summer that would be the time to enforce it, from people keeping their AC running to stay cool.

    Thanks for replying to my e-mail. It really helps to be able to "talk" things out here.

  6. It's 12 degrees here in the Memphis, TN area! Hmph.

  7. I like this pic too. :-)

    I don't think we have a law like that here, maybe it is because we "elect" dumb people into office. Lol.

    Lol @ seeing if the cop turns off his vehicle. Too funny!!

  8. Nice pic.

    The entire population of my city would be ticketed under such a law...particularly in the winter.

  9. 4 degrees F is not that bad to us... we're dealing with -22F windchills today.

    Nice pic!!

  10. Or they need to lay off the shit, Lerm...

    4°F is cold to me, too, Mary.
    You have my ear (large as it is) anytime.

    I would have been happy with that, Bonnie. Out temps are supposed to be closer to normal next week i.e 20-23°F.

    Thanks, M. I'm not sure if it's to reduce emissions, or they knew a cash cow when they saw one :-)

    JJ, they sure could have nailed me a couple of dozen times today.

    Thank you, Jen!

  11. You would think cops could find something better to do then ticket cold people. How about catching thiefs and murderers?

  12. It isn't a priority to ticket idlers, but the possibility exits, someone.


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