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Time to get off the bleachers

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I need to get out while there is still a bit of light, and I need to send off a print to Fake-Brunette. I promised her a 12" X 18" print and I finally got it done, now I have to get it mailed, and hopefully it will arrive in the UK in good condition.

Breakfast here was served promptly at noon. I was up very late, trying to get caught up on my blog reading, and talking on the phone with a friend of mine until nearly 3:30 AM. I'm still not caught up. but I really have to go.

Ciao meow, etc.

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  1. F-B is such a sweetie!! I sent her some stuff for the secret santa thing, and it got there a-ok, I am sure yours will too. :-)

    Again, awesome pics!!! I always look forward to seeing your pics everyday. Thank you for that!!

  2. Yes, she is, M. She was my 50,000th reader, just before JS crashed and burned.

    Thanks. I went out and got more today, too!

  3. Good work, Doug!

    What printer do you use for your photos?

  4. F-B is alive and well, though she's been ill with a respiratory bug this weekend.

    Y'all send her lots of love and hugs. :)

  5. D, I don't own a printer of any sort. I get a 12x18 printed on Fujicolor archive quality paper for $4 at Costco :-)

    I'm going to buy a bunch of 4x6 prints and put them in cheap frames for my apartment, or maybe see if they'll sell :-)

    FB is on Facebook, I hope she opens a blog somewhere.

  6. I've been missing FB, too.

    JS crashed only 10 hits away from my 100,000th!! *cry*

  7. It's the thought that counts, Dorrie...

  8. I didn't know that Costco offered larger sized prints. Thanks for the tip!

  9. I know is time I get off the bleachers myself there is allot going on that I'm just burying at the moment

  10. Kit, I wish they had REALLY big prints :-) I want a 24x36 for my living room.

    No rush for you, F-B. There was for me :-)


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