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There was this one time at nudist camp

I used that title because I didn't want to put "Stick your hands down, this is a fuck up" on the home page. So much for the return to normalcy this week. When I got back to the office, I was surprised to see the door locked and the supervisor's car missing. I went in and unloaded, cashed in etc. I checked my email on my phone, tried to see what was going on at my Blogger blog, had a smoke and generally stood around waiting to see when Gary and the super were coming back.
They showed up around 4:30, both in the super's car. Gary's truck had broken down. Again. If you know many truckers, they will likely agree that "International" and "piece of shit" are often used in the same sentence. Gary will need my truck to drive his route tomorrow. I only pick up returns, so his need trumps mine and I get to have tomorrow off. Yay. This means I work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. That sucks. I would rather work tomorrow and have my week evenly split.
Anyway, here's a totally unrelated photo that has been contrasted quite a bit. It doesn't seem to have a paddle, but with that rusty motor, it's perfect for cruising up Shit Creek.

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  1. Always good to see you! I hope you will come back to JS. I really do :) but if you stay here I'll still read you.

  2. Wow, is JS back now? I can't keep up.

    Great pic, Doug! Bill would be all excited, he misses his boat here in TN. :)

  3. I am there already, GE, but I'm double posting for now.

    It's back, Bonnie. Thanks. I have never had a boat, so I don't miss it :-)

  4. I have to laugh at the International and pile of crap! Lol. I am a Peterbilt girl all the way. Well, only up until 1998 that is.... Now I am a KW chick with a Pete heart. Lol.

    Neat pic! I am longing for the days of open water. *sigh* We just got 6 inches of snow today!

  5. I like my Freightliner, M. It turns shorter than the Int. We can look forward to 4 inches of snow and then very cold temps the next few days.

    And, thank you!

  6. Do you, by chance, photograph professionally? You should if you don't.

  7. No, S-D, it is strictly a hobby, but the idea of going to work with a camera instead of a set of keys is a pleasant one, I admit. Thank you.


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