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Stone cold angle

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  1. That's a fantastic shot. Has many points of interest and great texture. Bravo!

  2. Thanks, Bonnie. One of the few shots I have cropped.

  3. I love how you got the bird flying away, that is so awesome!!!

    On a side note, thank you for the tips on my camera!! I am for sure going to try that. :-) I should have known that you would know!!! I love taking photos, and since I have been able to see all of yours, it really has put that spark back into photo taking again- thank you!! I hope that doesn't sound silly.

    Have you ever thought about writing stories to go with your photos?

  4. Thanks, M. I forgot what I told you :-) I am glad that anyone can get something from my photos. You don't sound silly at all, I get inspiration from others' pics, too.

    It's hard enough writing the titles, but I have written poems over a photo :-) I have thought about dreaming up a scenario for some of them, though.

  5. This pic reminds me of a song from the sixties, a danish folk song, called 'Duerne flyver ind over Byen' . . .

    About the flying doves over the city's roofs and trees and that sad, melancolic feeling when the autumn sets in.

    Hey, it's not autumn, it's spring!
    Or soon it will be . . . I hope :-)

    BTW; have you seen I have re-constructed 'PhotoThings'?

    With a little help from Phil. A lot of help actually ;-)

  6. Are you sure you're not a professional photographer? You could fool me!

  7. I love the effect against the sky

  8. I will be over to have a look, Elin. And speaking of looking, I am looking forward to spring :-)

    Benita, I'm barely a professional driver :-)

    Lesley, thank you :-)


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