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Shiny boobage

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Can't tell if her friends have shiny boobage.
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Although I don't live with soon to be ex-Wifey, I do pay the car insurance, giving me the opportunity to be listed as a second driver. I needed to do some shopping, and instead of getting out of bed to ride to work with her when she dropped off Tyler, I stayed warm, instead. That meant that I had to walk to the hospital, get the key and pay $5.50 to get the car out of the parking garage (it's only $3.00 if you leave the car until the attendant goes home). I noticed that the tank was at about 1/8th, so I put $10 worth of gas in it. All to pick up a few groceries. I could have paid busfare both ways for Tyler and I for $9. Sigh.

However, I can go look for photo ops before the Toucan, and we have a ride down, possibly back.


  1. Careful. This could develop into an obsession.

    Besides, she still looks disturbingly as if she’s going to come alive and turn into a monster bent on world domination. That’s the sort of thing they do, you know. At least if you’ve watched enough Doctor Who episodes.

  2. That crazy girl's back! :)

  3. I only take photos when I'm walking by, Simon, and only on days ending in Y. I'm good, I think.

    I never got to see a lot of Doctor Who, so I guess I'm in blind, attracted by the smooth shininess of those not insubtantial paens to perky goodness...

    She's back, D. When she changes her clothes, I'm right there. Wait, that didn't sound right...

  4. her boobs don't scare me nearly as much as her mouth does.

  5. She ain't a Barbie doll!

  6. Red's back..
    and not wearing undergarments/underwear.

  7. One change in your routine and it cost you $$$.. lol Hope you have a fabulous night though Doug! **Hugs**

  8. Anonymous8:12 p.m.

    All her friends are staring at the shiny boobage, too! It's gotta be rough being "perky" 24/7.

  9. I have this .. thing.. with mannequins. They spook me. When I was in 6th grade, there was a writing contest. I wrote a story about mannequins that come to live and murder people. The english teacher LOVED it, and I won. I, however, developed a fear of mannequins. I'm a weirdo.

  10. I mustv'e seen the Store Mannequin episode of Doctor Who five times now. Seems to me to be the only one they have permission to rerun. All three of your 'friends' are a shoo in for the remake.

  11. All female mannequins have hard nipples these days! I had nine in the front windows of my old store, and the pre-adolescent boys always blushed, lol.

  12. sigh I remember when I was that perky

  13. Anonymous11:54 a.m. that you in the bottom photo? That so-called mannequin looks just like you.

  14. I don't think I have seen a boob that scares me, Mary, but those teeth are... unsettling...

    You're a Barbie doll. Wanna be my Barbie doll? :-)

    Underwear is so superfluous, AK. And an unnecessary extra step :-)

    Thanks, GE, I did have a fab night!

    Lerm, I'm willing to bet that you have seen your share of plastic boobage

    Perky boobs welcome here 24/7, S D. Actually, any boobs would be welcome here :-)

    There is something strange about mannequins, S-D, something unreal, eh?

    I haven't seen it, B-e. I wonder if those three already have a contract

    I wonder why that is, Kate. Maybe women are always supposed to wear something thin, and without a bra.
    Works for me...

    Well, not having seen the evidence, F-B, I can't really comment :D

  15. Burst, it's just until I get the cash for a vacation...


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