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-7°C/19°F and sunny. I should go out, but since building up my blog list, I have a lot of reading to do :-) It's nice to see so many JSers coming back online, and reading each other when we didn't do that before. Were we too shy to butt into other bloggers' circle of friends? For the first time since JS came online, we all have something in common--we lost our small online town in a major disaster, and we've moved to new environs. Some of us are still neighbors, some of us are just across the way.

We can always be friends, no matter what our "street" address is. Transportation is easy, even in this blog metropolis.


  1. Nice to be back! I just heard my text go off...was that you? I shall go check..lolol.

  2. Yes, that was me, a while back :-)

  3. Ahh got it, what you guys doing? I am so loving the text thing. LOLOL.

  4. Amen, Doug! That is so true...I like it over here really. Just wish I hadn't spent SO MUCH money to have all my entries lost. I am always wasting money though, so it is nothing new! (((hugs)))

  5. Tyler is watching TV and I'm trying to get caught up here, SSS. It never ends :-)

    Sal, I know all about wasting money, for sure :-)

  6. (((Doug))), awww you're so sweet. I do love you. :)
    You know it's true, I've commented to people that I never did before on JS because I always felt like I was trying to butt into their group and now it's like we all have something in common, no matter what...we're JS survivors! You're right, the address is different but the people are still the same. You know the Gloria Gaynor song I Will Survive? That's us. :)

  7. JS is a sweet memory, but just a memory all the same, Betty. We're still here.
    Love you, too, my fellow survivor.

  8. Well said Doug. That was what I was trying to convey with my "We are JS, JS is not dead" thread over at Dorrie's Fun Forum.

    And thanks for pointing out the problems with my Zeppelin video.

    Betty that Gloria Gainer song really fits. It fits so much we all have to go through in life. Here is my favorite version of it >>

  9. Anonymous3:10 p.m.

    :) I'm just a cling-on!!

    Btw, every time I see glass insulators I think of you ;)

    How much will it take for you to give up the scarf?

  10. She looks unhappy because she lost her JS For Dummies!

    I think we're doing fine here. It takes a little adjusting, but it could be a lot worse. We could not know anyone, at all.

  11. Anonymous5:54 p.m.

    I think she looks pensive- maybe a little melancholy...

  12. i like her haircut, tho. mine would never do that. i guess it's one of the hazards of having hair that isn't made of nylon *sigh*

  13. I like the way you put it as well. Have a good Sunday Doug!

  14. Mr. F, we are all just trying to survive, and we are doing it. I think Betty found our theme song.

    SD, I feel honoured :-) I have taken off the scarf, you just have to know where on the web to look :-O

    If not for Dorrie, we would know very few people right now, Bonnie.

    I think her hands hurt, G. Look at 'em :-)

    I never noticed her hair, Mary. I have nylon eyes...

    Thanks, Kate. We all have our own take. Have a great Sunday!


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