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I know, it's only Tuesday, but Tyler and I went shopping today. I was out of pancake mix, and nearly out of butter and bread. While I was at the grocery store, I picked up ten 4"x6" photo frames and then went to Costco and had ten prints made from my photos. I was going to put them in a line across the wall, but thought maybe a grouping was better. The photos over the monitor are mine, too (naturally). Am I too stuck on myself?

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After the groceries and photo stuff was done, I went to a trendy but cheap furnishings store and bought these cheap ass stools. I needed a place to put my cheap ass when I'm working at the table. The yellow tea towels, wash cloths and oven mitt also came from the grocery store.

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I bought that table about a week ago for $60 in a used and antique store named Turks. It was just what I was looking for, a small table with drop leafs and chrome legs. The red vase I rescued from the other place because it was bought by me, after all...


  1. I LOVE how you did your photos!! Grouping is waaaaay better, I think. :-) I am tellin ya, you could totally sell your prints! Now, if they are missing off of your wall, I DID NOT TAKE THEM! :-)

    I love your little table and stools too. Those stores are the best! I could get totally carried away in them. :-)

  2. Ha ha. I just might take a few downtown and see if they are saleable, M :-)

    I was looking for cheap, and under $6 each was close enough :D

  3. just to let the buyer beware..
    If those stools had DEMO written on them in any form..those would be *drumroll*

    Stool Samples


  4. Lol, Stool samples. That is just too funny!!

    I am excited that you are going to sell some of your work! WOO HOO!!!! Please keep me posted. :-)

    Yeah, still laughing at the stool sample comment- TOO FUNNY!!!

  5. I see you have a flair for decorating, as well as photography! Those stools look like a perfect match for the table! And no, you aren't "stuck on yourself" for framing the photos. You are simply expressing your feelings through your pictures and sharing them, just as with music, painting, or any other art form! Beautiful job!

  6. I thought I left you a comment and then I realized it was at JS! I'm sooooooooo confused, lol.
    If you'll read the link in my entry you'll see your comment. I'm proud of you. You said exactly the way I feel. JS was one of a kind and they did a heck of a job designing it!

  7. maybe you could check into creating a photo calendar on cafepress or similar. your photos are way more interesting than babies in buckets or generic landscapes.

    i'm diggin' those frames you got, too.

  8. The photos look great

  9. I agree, they look great - good job!

  10. Stool samples, *groan*. Thanks, AK (wry smile)

  11. stool samples - LOL!
    I like the grouping of pics. Very nice!

  12. Why not love your own accomplishments! Place is looking great~

  13. I'll talk to Barb at the collective arts and crafts store, M, and see what she thinks I should do.
    I saw the stool sample in the store, it was kinda loose...

    Silver paint and dull aluminum are pretty close, Benita :-) Thank you!

    I'm here and there, Betty :-) Thanks, pal *hugs*

    I never thought ofcalendars, Mary. Too late for this year :-) It's funny that as much as I like a goood view, I've never been into taking landscapes much. Now babies in buckets, on the other hand...
    The frames were $3.38 each, taxes in ;-)

    Lerm and Jen, thank you!

    C'mon, it's a shitty joke, Breath-e :D

    Thank you, Kate. I didn't spend any time on how I would group them, I just decided on that one.

    Thank, Lubie! :-)

  14. I love the table and stools. Good word at the store. As for your lovely photos, I would have placed them closer together. As I recall, 1/2 to 1/4 of the width , or length of any individual frame is the distance recommended. I am no designer however. They are very nice, and do look great in your place. You should try and sell them I think. You are so talented.

  15. So now you tell me, someone :-) I can fix that, I'll get bigger prints and replace them. If buyers think I'm as talented as you say, I'll make milly-uns ;-)
    Thank you, s.

  16. Anonymous12:50 p.m.

    your apartment looks great !!!!

  17. Thank you, anon :-)


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