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Nude in the window

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It's just shameful, the way stores try to draw the eye of a photog just wanting to get up street before he freezes to death.

I don't usually stay home all day and then spend so much time away from the PC. There was a floor to sweep and mop, a bathroom to clean, nudes to shoot in the living room. All done now :-)


  1. Tell the truth, naked dolls were always a fetish of yours, weren't they? ;)

  2. Anything naked is a fetish of mine, Bonnie...

  3. Is it wrong to want to squeeze the fake breasts on a mannequin? I'm just asking! :D

  4. DOOD.

    Happy New Year matey.

  5. It might not be wrong, SD, but it would be difficult, or, so I'm told...

    Thanks, Moko!

  6. when i was about 12, my best friend and i took a bunch of pictures of naked barbie and ken dolls, and we shook the camera on purpose, hoping that the film developer people would think they were actually humans.

    yeah. it's that pathetic.

    anyway, i'm here on blogger, and i'm on facebook, too, while we're getting our bearings about us. moko, i'm going to find you next.

  7. That sounds like a neat idea Mary. I should try that :-)

  8. Well, she really is in good shape. :)
    I've been wondering, do you have your beautiful hair back? I haven't seen a picture of you lately. Before Summer, when it will all be gone again, would you post a picture so I can see it again? Pleeease. :)

  9. Betty, my hair is very short. I clip it every few weeks with a #1 guard on the clippers, so it goes from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch, and then gets cut off again :-) I am sure I can do a hair and wrinkle update again :-)

  10. I do like your photography. It catches my imagination. 'Naked' is a state of mind, right? *cheeky grin*

    I've missed you, and am glad to see you found me. *smiling* I hope the New Year is filled with wonderful things for you Doug.
    {{hugs}}- Gina

  11. Where's Red?
    and how's she doin'


  12. Anonymous12:12 p.m.

    I love it.

  13. I was wondering whether I dared click on this entry! haha

  14. I've always found mannequins kind of creepy. Nude or other wise they remind me of non-atomically correct robots.

    The worst is when you see a bunch of them stacked together in disarray and you think one day they are going to get their revenge on humans.

    OK I think too much. LOL.

  15. Being naked always comes to my mind, Gina :-)

    She's doing OK, AK. I have a recent pic, but she's still in the same dress :-)

    Paul, she such pretty alabaster skin, and hair, and lips, and eyes, and nipples.

    I'd give you a clear warning if it was me nude, Tris :-)

    The ones with "lifelike" expressions bug me the most, Mr. F. You just know they're up to no good...


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