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Meek and dishing it out

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Tyler pointed out this shot.
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  1. Love the depth of colour in the first one!

  2. Yeah - the bricks are a rare hue. They certainly don't make them like that any more

  3. Careful under those icicles! I remember a comedy sketch from Prairie HOme companion years ago where they referred to "ice daggers" or icicles that fell off, stabbed right through a person, then melted and evaporated, leaving no evidence! ;)

  4. Anonymous9:38 a.m.

    Doug, great shots, all of them! You have a terrific eye.

  5. Kate's right, the color in that first picture is amazing! And look at those icicles. Whoa... It's actually under 40 degrees here this morning which is really cold for us. We are bundled up to save on the heat. I know it sounds crazy to you guys but we are COLD!! lol Happy Thursday..

  6. The last one...sort of Salvadore
    Dali dishes? Good work!

  7. The bottom photo reminds me of when I was a little girl. My brother and I used to pop icicles off of the house and suck on them. We would even (*gulp*) take them off the bumpers of cars.

  8. The photos are great, but I think I'm even more impressed by the post's play-on-words title. ;) Very clever!

  9. Thanks, Kate. I don't know why I haven't shot it before.

    It's a very pretty colour, only slightly augmented by me :-)

    CSI has used something similar, but it was a chunk of frozen pee from an airliner, Mary ;-)

    Thanks, Tim. I see it, I shoot it :-)

    Not cold enough to have your own icicles, eh, GE? :D

    I wish I had thought ot that, jj :-) Thank you!

    Ew, that's awful, S-D. That's something I would have done...

    Yeah, but that one's kind of weak, Bonnie :-)


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