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Long, winded

Shot last Saturday, on a sunny, windy and cold day.
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Today we had some sunshine, after the snow stopped. It had moderated enough that my coat was open and my touque was left in the truck for a few hours. It was otherwise a semi miserable day, due to greasy roads, slush and water right where I had to walk, and generally heavy traffic, due to it being cheque day for everyone who gets their cheque either at the end of the month or the beginning of the next month. The grocery stores were very busy.


  1. Anonymous6:20 p.m.

    I think it's a beautiful shot. I find it peaceful, but I'm just odd that way.

    Didn't it feel good when the sun broke loose?

  2. It's a strange shot, S D, when you are used to seeing just the shore and a few houses across the river. But I like it, too.

    The sun felt very good today. I hope we have more very soon :-)

  3. Oh, man, I can SO feel the cold coming off the frozen lake (I'm assuming it's a lake.)

    I may have to go look at pictures of Tahiti, or Fiji to warm me back up.

  4. This was gorgeous shot. My favorite of yours thus far. I wish I was there.

  5. This part is actually the lake, Mary. Our main street ends right about where the lake becomes two rivers, the Cataraqui, and the St. Lawrence.

    You would also wish for a parka and warm mitts, S-D :-) Thank you.

  6. Very pretty. Peaceful.

  7. You have a talent for capturing horizontal and vertical in perfect harmony. and then there's the color!!! Cold but beautiful.

  8. Thanks, CM. It's even prettier in the summer :-)

    It was very cold, MJ :-) I didn't know that the wind turbines were that close. I just had to take the shot. Thanks very much!

  9. brrr looking cold
    I get paided mid month and giggle loved your comment on my journal

  10. There are a few scenes in the Canadian movie, Away From Her, where it looks just like this. Lovely!

  11. I'm sure that place is very popular in the summer. Good shot, as always.

  12. That shot even looks cold.

  13. Just as cold today, F-B. Getting paided is good whenever it happens :-)

    To look that good it wouyld have to be Canadian, Kate :-) Thanks!

    Dozens to hundreds, Dorrie :-)
    Thank you :-)

    Realism in photography is what I strive for, intell ;-)

  14. Looks and feels about the same on this side of the lake.

  15. Yeah, stupid lake effect, e-p-n...


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