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I'm glad snow flakes aren't really this big.

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We got all that the weatherman predicted for today that I mentioned below. No cat and dog impropriety, however. The roads were greasy, the traffic was slow, and some were perhaps a bit too cautious. I went around someone today because he was driving about 10 mph slower than I was ;-)

More to come, too, another 6" of snow possible.



  1. Argh.. I'm so jealous of your weather.. we've received nothing but ice, unfortunately. Snow is desperately wanted.

  2. just freezing cold here...
    -29C for those using the metric system.

  3. I'm jealous of anyone who has grass showing in their yard, S-D.

    That'll put the chill on your chitlins, AK :-)

  4. Again, awesome pics!! :-) We are "suppose" to get a huge storm tonight, but it is just bitterly cold, I bet too cold to snow!

    Isn't it funny how people drive in the snow? There is a joke that I often remember about it.... "When 98% of drivers hit black ice, they say OH SHIT! The other 2% are Minnesotans and say -HOLD MY BEER AND WATCH THIS SHIT!" Lol. Snow is really pretty though.

    Stay warm!

  5. Thanks, M. I was waiting for them to be closed so I could get those shots. I don't like to be watched :-)

    I'm glad the company buys us lots of things to wear in the winter.

  6. where i live it snows only rarely, but it is much warmer snow than what you get. we get huge, gloppy flakes that make fantastic snowballs. alas, when it snows here, it's all gone in a day or two.

    i have a job interview friday afternoon. could use as much of your mojo as you can direct my way.

  7. hmmm, you don't like to be watched... *giggles*

  8. Mary, good mojo being expedited as I type this.

    Breath-e, somethngs are best done without an audience, like sneaking a photo :-) Other than that, watching is okay ;-)


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