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Cute girl, earrings fit for a king.

Random girl at the Toucan
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Chris found his own way to wear party favor hats/crowns.
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We got a few hours of ice pellets falling on us last night. When I went to work this morning it didn't look like any city crews had been on our street. Many city streets were covered with pebbly ice until about noon. It was slow getting around for a while, but I got 'er done.


  1. Holy Crap! Ice pellets? I've never seen that. Sounds cooooold!!

  2. That girl is cute, and those earrings, dude I don't even think most kings are good enough.

    You would probably need a master of the universe to pull off that look.

  3. And by ice pellets do you mean, hail?

  4. It was a few degrees below freezing, GE.

    Mr. F., Chris WAS a big fan of HE-Man :-)

    We make a distiction between hail and ice pellets. They are a cross between already frozen chunks like hail, and water hitting and then freezing, as in freezing rain. Ice pellets form a solid, grainy surface, whereas hail hits and bounces, and doesn't congeal :-)

  5. pellet technical talk. I don't know nuthin' about no ice pellets. I finally found a fake snow picture to post. I was feeling left out.

  6. You go, girl :-)

  7. So when ice pellets hit the ground, they become a sheet of ice?

    I'm getting cold just thinking about that.

    Man, how do you people live in a places where that happens?

  8. I love your photos. Now Chris could use a necklace to go with those earrings. ;-)

    Ice pellets, oh gosh do I hate those!!! We had those Saturday night. No fun at all!!

  9. Pretty much, Mr. F. Not quite as greasy as wet snow or freezing rain, but a good excuse for caution. We get by :-)

    Thanks, M :-) He could have just pulled one over his head and around his neck...


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