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Alley bench turquoise box. Ripping through The Beatles.

I'm working my way through The Beatles 2009 Remastered stereo box. I'm ripping the CDs to put on my iPod and listening to every disc all the way through. It's going to take aother couple of days to complete it. I think two and a half hours is long enough at a sitting :-)


Boats and bones

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Chris and Emily are back in Toronto. Tyler and I left Kingston this morning after 9 AM to take them home and we got back about 3:45. It was great having Chris and Emily here for four days. I hope we see them a bit more often than every six months. Christmas and its associated days off are officially over, back to work tomorrow.


Don't cannonize me, I'm still a papoose...

I wonder if I can go to work wearing stretch pants. I have eaten much more than I normally would these last five days, and I haven't been walking or riding my bike. With Chris and Emily here, I have had a couple of extra restaurant meals. They were very tasty, especially the apple-stuffed French toast, but man, I'm feeling fat. I gotta stop eating.


I'm HMV positive

I got fairly well stuffed at dinner, but I had a second piece of caramel apple pie, anyway. Wifey and I collaborated to put dinner on, and everything turned out well. I got the only thing I asked for, and though it was moderately pricey, it was really just payback for helping Wifey out earlier with her phone purchase and a couple of other items. She gave me the remastered Beatles CD collection that was released Sept. 9, and bought it at HMV, where the best price was.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.


No Christmas photos, but Merry Christmas!

I really like these two. The first is at the old pool at the even older Memorial Center. I took about a half dozen shots before I was happy with one. The second is around the back of Power Station No.1 in the downtown.

The drive to Toronto was uneventful, but I did end up staying overnight. Chris and Emily and I went to breakfast and picked up their friends before leaving Toronto at noon. There was still a bit of running around and shopping in Kingston until about 5:30, but we finally stopped, went home and had something to eat. Chris and Emily have gone to a friend's annual Christmas party, and Wifey and Tyler will be coming back here tomorrow. I can use the rest ;-)

Merry Christmas to everyone at Blogger!


From Ktown to Hogtown

I'll be leaving Kingston in a few hours for Toronto to pick up Chris and Emily and friends. The option is available to stay over, but I think we will drive back, to avoid morning Toronto traffic.

The shopping is done, my apartment is clean-ish, I have clean towels and I'm just trying to figure a way for my bikes to take up less space without putting them all in my bedroom or on the balcony.

'nother pool shot

Old stones of downtown that aren't generally noticed.


Wood in a church window and other reflections

In other news, I bought another bicycle, an '09 GT Gutterball at a sports store that is closing. I may not be able to ride it much for a while, but it will look good leaning against my wall :-)


Is this what cock of the walk means...?

And other assorted hard things.




Accès interdit


Jesus and a gas pipe

I went out for a brief bike ride this afternoon, with my camera tucked inside my coat. I was out for maybe twenty minutes and I took no photos. My fingers were freezing inside my gloves and it isn't even really cold here yet. Tomorrow I'll need extra layers with a low near -20°C/-4°F. I will likely be cold all day, fingers and toes, anyway. We don't have winter boots with the green shield (safety regs) and thick mittens are no good for what I do.

Did I say already that I hate winter?

Horrible shot, taken on the fly. Maybe I'll go back on a nice evening and shoot a better one. Start holding your breath

Downtown. Might have been drinking.

The brew pub.

Tir Nan Og, across the street. This photo was my desktop for a while.

This falls into the "I took it but don't know why" category.

Interesting difference between the tungsten lighting on the exterior and the fluorescent lighting in the tunnel on the same stone.


Pig for sale, country church, lake effects

Shot on two separate days, two weeks apart. Bits of a 200 mile route up into the Canadian Shield and random scenic points.

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New office, cutting the grass etc.

A spacious but sparse office for Sharon...

Last boats to be put away?

Not a usual November sight.

Pretty foyer in our latest ex-restaurant.

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