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Why am I here?

This blog doesn't get read much, but that's OK, I don't write here anymore, either. It was just a stopgap in case Journalspace didn't come back. It did, of course, and I therefore have no real use for this site. There aren't enough features here, and no community at all. A list of links to favorite blogs is not a community.

I also don't have enought to say to warrant two journals, and copying from one to paste into another is pointless.

If I ever have a need for another outlet, I'll simply start another at JS.



  1. Hmmm... I just got here, and sorry to see you go.

    I'm addicted to blogger, myself.

    Well, I wish you well whatever you do and wherever you go!

  2. I'm wondering a lot of the same things myself, except I just put a link here to the js blog since I didn't have much use for this once js came back up.

    You have no link to the js one here that I can see.

    It's a strange place in life I think. This age. Can't do anything about it. Maybe avoid conversations with self. I don't know much. That seems clear.
    Good luck with whatever you plan. Plus this is always here should you feel like writng. Explorations of other things rarely hurts anything.

  3. I'm back into Blogger once again, and this time as Sunny Lane.

    I'm staying this time, as I like to have two places to blog.

    Hope to see you soon! *hugs*

  4. I really need the community that JS has, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it.

  5. Hi, Doug. Sorry for the delay :-) I had not set my comments to e-mail notifications, so I did not see your comment from oct. 9, before today!
    See I haven't got much news on the art front lately, so I am blogging at vilhelmsdal on-line instead.

    Now I have you bookmarked, and I'll am over to visit. But you are not here?


  6. Good morning, Doug. I got 'nudged' lol, and am back here as well as in JS too!

    Will get you into my blog roll asap!


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