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Poetry contest entries

1) Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
He asked for sex, it Jill did vex;
She smacked him like she oughter.

Up Jack got, the pail forgot,
His face got red and hotter,
And Jill, for fun (she wasn't done)
Did soak Jack with the water.

2) Pictures of You
Pictures of you
A long time ago when we were friends,
Before we became lovers.
Enjoying a party,
Enjoying the beach.
You were so cute in that swimsuit.

Pictures of you
Not so long ago, when we were lovers,
Before we took our vows.
Sitting in my car,
Sitting on the bed.
You were so lovely on that bedsheet.

Pictures of you,
It seems like yesterday, partners for life
Before life turned away from us.
Holding our first child's hand,
Holding our second child.
You were so beautiful in a house dress.

Pictures of you
I capture no more, for you aren't here
And my camera is broken.

3) Our Hero
When last we saw our hero
Standing tall and true,
He was fighting baddies
In cape, and tights of blue.

His eyes were diamond brilliant;
Each tooth a shiny pearl,
And muscles bulging, rippling,
Black hair with a single curl.

Today our hero walked the street
Instead of flying. Why?
His face was pale, he'd lost the gleam
Of diamond in his eye.

He placed his hand upon his mouth
And coughed, my God! The sound!
It shattered nearby concrete block
And glass for miles around.

While others ran for cover,
The end was here for sure
I scrambled down a manhole
To watch the rest, secure.

The air was heated ten degrees.
At first I wondered how,
And then I knew it must be from
Our hero's fevered brow.

What happened next I can't describe.
The smell, the foul ooze.
Our hero clenched his cheeks and still
Destroyed his SuperRoos.

It must have been a SuperBug
That nearly felled our man,
And wheezing, smelling, sniffling
Shuffled off to find a can.

And as our hero staggered forth
To find the nearest loo,
I knew 'twas not from greenish rock;
Even heroes get the flu.

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