Street photos...


I think the title is apt...

...for what I will be putting here. I will use this as a repository for all of my poetry, and my rewritten songs that I previously posted at JS. I will add to it over time, perhaps with a few photos. I wish there was a main page here like the one at JS.


  1. hi Netmale! I agree about the JS homepage... and also the updating of favorites. This place just isn't as easy to navigate. But now with JS down (who knows for how long), I'm glad to have this alternative.

    I've opened a discussion forum for all JS'ers so that we can talk about the JS problems and maybe find each other.... have a look:

    Since we can't pm and most of us don't have each other's email, this might be a good thing to use.

    Oh, I'm "Westy" by the way! heehee now go spread to word to anyone you might know!


  2. Can't even just search members or whatnot. This is very strange.
    What is up I wonder?
    Good to see you here.

  3. Hey, now! At least this place is working! Whaddya want for free?

    So just shaddup and start posting your netmale-ings here!

    I think the guy who runs JS is learning that a Commodore 64 can't be used as a server anymore, at least when he insists on keeping his old Pac-Man games on it as well....

  4. Tsk, tsk, Scribbs. :-)
    I'm starting out with reposts for now, so there'll be lots of 'updates'.


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